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"An eclectic mix (of) interesting and innovative original arrangements . . . a perfect musician . . . Esbe expands the sound with a flourish, bringing artistic associations closer to illustrative, visual and film music." ERA JAZZU

“A rare discovery of music performed by a singular songstress, exquisitely talented  . . .  multi-faceted composer . . . songs infused with languid longing & smouldering passion . . . a masterly recording where every note makes a lasting mark on the ear” PAUL DAVIES, BLUES MATTERS

"Esbe, has really connected heart and mind for songs that speak universally . . .

London singer songwriter of excellence!" DJ RITU, A WORLD IN LONDON

"an ethereal songstress . . . a Sade for 2022 with the right music to compliment her voice"


"smooth jazz . . . a beautiful song" TOTAL ROCK RADIO

"perfect for our Chill rotation . . . great thought and concept" CSR RADIO 



We all dream, or have dreamt.

Perhaps more when we were children, and as adults, often when under stress or just dealing with life.

With near surreal imagery and a hyper-vividness, we're left with much to think about after waking.

There have been times when we've inhabited a scene that seems  so familiar, and yet it's not somewhere we've ever been. Friends and memories from the very distant past merge with completely unrelated ideas to produce a capricious narrative that we'd never have thought of otherwise.

I've always been fascinated with the workings of the brain and our imagination, never better considered than in the dream-like state when our brain takes control and leads us down a path to mesmerising stories. When I was a child, I used to look forward to going to bed, as dreams were like watching television,

but special just to me - and all night.

I Might Be Dreaming is a collection of songs written within dreams - but all so pertinent to us all.

Each one unfolds - a beguiling story, a fear, a hope - in the still of the night,

when we relinquish our hold on the day . . . and follow the dream. 

CD Esbe - I Might Be Dreaming -  Photo by Cristina Jansen - Editing and Design by Esbe (Lo

Cry From The Soul  -  I Might Be Dreaming  -  Don't Say Maybe  -  No Desire  -  No Desire

I Needed You  -  A Lonely You  -  Angry Sun  -  Whisper In Solitude  -  Breathe  -  Restless

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