Esbe is a composer, producer, and singer from London. Her music is an eclectic blend of many influences, from her pure classical roots, but uniquely drawing on contemporary, world music and film scoring.


After graduating from the Royal Academy of Music, where she gained an LRAM and won the prestigious Julian Bream Prize for Guitar, Esbe performed in concerts around the UK. As a composer, she has produced and recorded a great variety of music from her North London studio, each project with its own inventive mix of styles. She is also sought after as a session singer and her vocals have been compared to such diverse artists as Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance) and Emma Kirkby.


Esbe’s writing has been partly inspired by her North African and Eastern European heritage, but is also informed by her love of Early Music, in particular, John Dowland, as well as British folk, jazz and Indian classical music. This eclectic blend makes for a unique and distinctive sound.

2018 saw her first two albums released to critical acclaim. For ‘Desert Songs’ Esbe chose a selection of 8th-13th century Middle Eastern poets including the Sufi mystic poet, Rumi. The second, ‘Mystra – Songs from Byzantium’ was inspired by travels in the Greek Peloponnese and Bulgaria. She then released two albums (October 2019) – 'Ten Songs' which she produced with multi-layered guitars, the one commissioned by her from luthier Alastair McNeill, and 'Far Away' which is a collection of intimate songs for voice and solo guitar.

'UNDER COVER, which explored new and unexpected arrangements of songs from the pop and jazz repertoire, was released in 2021, followed by 'I Might Be Dreaming' in May this year. A prolific and versatile composer and producer, Esbe's 8th studio album, 'Blow The Wind Southerly' will be released in January 2023.


Before the Covid pandemic Esbe was preparing for the premiere of Elektra with contemporary music group Cantiaquorum. She is now exploring alternative performance media. Elektra is a multi-discipline work for chamber group and nine vocalists for which she wrote the original story, music and lyrics.

Esbe is also an artist, previously represented by galleries who have exhibited her work at art fairs around the UK including the Affordable Art. She now mainly sells via companies exhibiting in commercial spaces. Her style is influenced by Pop Art and Art Deco. She creates her own album artwork and has just produced drawings for two stories she has just completed featuring wildlife depletion.