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Cry from the soul,

Cry from the heart,

I hear you now, I heard you then,

I couldn’t find the words.


Cry from the soul,

Cry from the heart,

I’m listening now, I understand,

I’m here to take your hand.


Cry from the soul,

Cry from the heart,

It’s not too late to let me in,

Don’t try to cope alone.




Don’t try to wake me, I might be dreaming of you,

As I fly with the night to the edge of the world,

So don’t try to wake me, it’s more than sleep I’m losing,

It’s no fantasy life;

I know that the stars no longer breathe,

‘Caus you don’t love me, and I’m crying by day.


I might be dreaming of you, lost in believing in you,

I might be dreaming, but I’m dreaming alone.


So don’t try to wake me, I’ve found the peace I’m craving,

While we’re floating high, you and I

Can live in my mind, suspended in time,

I know it’s love we will find.




I’ve got your aspirations, I’ve got your inspirations here,

And I know they’re ready to fly.

I’ve got each resolution kept safe for you to build on here,

And I know that they’re right.


So reach for the star, I know you can,

Don’t reach for the heart you know you cannot find.

‘Cause I’ve got this hidden notion that you don’t need my devotion,

And I get my inspiration from you.


Hey baby, don’t say maybe, don’t live your life in vain.


I’ve got an invocation, I’ve got an invitation here,

‘Cause I know the future’s so bright.

I don’t expect perfection, just make the right connection now,

Don’t you know the future’s in sight.


So reach for the star, you know you can,

The heart you will find is more than you will ever need.



If I lie like I’m dead and I don’t move my head,

I can fool myself,

If I scream at the night or I stare at the light,

I can fool myself.


I have no desire to know what’s going on.


In the maze of your heart are the ghosts of lovers past,

I can hear them cry.

Will the skeletons of fear roam the desert of the years

When you wondered why.




I needed you, I needed you to know why.

But how could I fool myself again,

How could I reveal to love again,

That I needed you.


And every day that I try to say, seems all wrong,

So I hide away, hoping yesterday is long gone.

So how could I be true to love again,

But how can I resist your arms again,

‘Cause when you hold me, you know me,

And it’s only because I could not hide

That I needed you.




A lonely star looks down on me,

And I, in turn, lift my head as if to see.

How can we know there is no guide,

A slow erosion of time, there is no calendar inside.


Only you, and who you are.


The desert wind is all we hear,

So we put faith in what we think we see, to quell the fear.

And yet we know there is no guide,

It’s just illusion of light, there is no ally by our side.


Only you, what you believe,

Will you teach the sun to breathe.

Only you, and what you do,

How the world remembers you.


Turning away won’t release you or save you,

This is your fate, your only fate.




Lost beneath and angry sun.


Have we lost our only hope, it doesn’t have to end this way,

Though we may be near the end, but somehow we just won’t give in.


When we disregard the rules the punishment may seem severe,

Though the sentence is so long, somehow we can’t give up the fight.



Whisper in solitude, my id with an attitude,

There are no playgrounds for you now you’re old.

You are a lonely pride, crushing my only guide,

Unconscious of conscience, with no one to hold.


When did you ever pause, lift up that prison gauze,

Lighten the night for a smile on reprieve.

Yours was a cruel reign, exploiting a bleak domain,

Moulding, like clay, every plaintive belief.


Will I be small and thin, pinned like a fallen wing,

Wizened with vision, but dancing alone.

Now that the future’s seen all that it might have been,

Can I turn back and turn laughter to stone.




Open your eyes, wide with a smile,

Laugh when you cry, remember me.

Living for now, if life will allow,

Too soon to go down.


Breathe, breathe, again.


This body’s a ship, the soul lies within,

Sailing close to the wind, remember me.

The oceans will keep the secrets we weep,

Keeping the peace.



Running round in a never ending cycle,

Going mad, like we’re all becoming hyper,

Like kids in a rage, like slaves to the wage.

Seeking out every fever with a passion,

Not content with each higher new reaction,

There’s a thrill to be found, but we’re tied to the ground.


Burning up like a furnace on the inside,

Chilling out like a freezer on the outside,

Is it cool not to care – there’s a world out there.

Living death, drinking formalin solution,

Killing life and we still don’t have a notion.

The fools in control should be all on the dole.


There’ll be no more tomorrows if we don’t end this sorrow,

We’ll be restless until we die,

And we’ll be slaves to each other, but impatient with lovers,

Always sleepless, we can but cry –


There has to be something for us to believe,

There has to be something more.

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